2020 Winner

WINNER of Best Residential & Commercial Building Planning Consultancy - London

WINNER of SME-News 2020 UK Enterprise Awards

2020 NEW BUILD PLANNING SPECIALISTS/2019 Winner Of Best Architectural Planning Consultancy UK


The SMARTePLANS® team are delighted to have received national recognition with the award for ‘Best Architectural Planning Consultancy – UK ’ at this year’s annual BUILD Architecture Awards.

Launched in 2015, each year the prestigious Architecture Awards recognise and acknowledge the outstanding works conducted by imaginative designers, engineers and visionaries, whose inspiring and memorable designs and structures enhance our horizons.

Focusing on a myriad of disciplines, the Architecture Awards strive to recognise and pay tribute to all who fall under the scope of Architecture. As energy efficiency and sustainability have become increasingly vital to modern designs, we will also pay homage to those who continue to design the healthiest and cleanest structures, with an added impetus on creating environmentally safe and friendly buildings.” BUILD Architecture Awards

SMARTePLANS® responded to the news:

We’re especially pleased to win this award as it recognises the commitment to innovation that has underpinned our approach since our very first days. Putting the client firmly at the heart of the design process. I’m proud of the team at SMARTePLANS® that enables us to tackle increasingly challenging projects with creativity and confidence.’

Discover more about how we use 3D Revit Modelling within our design process and get in touch so we can help you achieve your dream home!

Our team work closely with our clients, delivering both an expert and intuitive approach to their development. It is our intention to use our expertise to inform our clients and produce a service that delivers the intended design, function and value for money of both design and outcome. Although councils will attach great importance to the design and planning drawings and can refuse a development of poor design, their planning policies considerations and decisions can vary and there are many issues that need to be considered. Our vast experience in architectural design, planning and preparation of planning drawings, allows our team to articulate any findings within the development process to achieve effective results.

2020 Winner

New Build Planning Specialists of the Year 2020 - UK

WINNER of Build Architecture Awards 2020 - UK

  • We draw in Revit 3D!

    3D Revit Architectural Drawings Are Superior to 2D CAD/DWG in every way!
  • 3D Visualisation Models!

    3D Visualisation Models included free with every project. You have a much higher chance of approval with 3D drawings!
  • 3D Drawings = Higher Approvals!

    Our 3D drawings & Modelling come as standard giving you the best chance of achieving approval, our success rates are 99.9%!
Why 3D

3D Revit Drawings

  • We draw in 3D! Pushing boundaries with Cutting Edge 3D Technologies.
    We give High-End, services at a fraction of the cost and 3D Visualisation Models with every project. CAD and 2D line drawings do not showcase your design; To the planners or your builder, who may encounter discrepancies in the build due to the lack of a 3rd Dimension. Our 3D drawings are as standard and gives us the edge in achieving the highest approval success rates of 99.9%!
2020 Winner

Build Architecture Awards 2020

WINNER of Build Architecture Award 2020 UK

  • Interactive Project Dashboard!

    Keeps everything on track for a fast & seamless service
  • You can view, your digital, 3D laser scan model of your property!

    A sneak preview from behind the scenes, keeping you informed at every stage
  • You can also integrate important decision dates!

    From validation through to your decision, synchronise your important dates to your calendar

Project Dashboard


    We’ve created an Interactive Project Dashboard that lets you manage your project at any time. With guidance to enable you to view, comment & upload documents and download hard copies.


    As part of our 3D survey, you get a link on your dashboard, to view your 3D laser scan model of your property. Every time your dashboard is updated, you will receive a message, informing you that your dashboard has been updated and in what way.


    You can also link important decision dates, to your personal calendar via iCal. We provide a transparent, flexible payment plans, broken down into manageable stage payments. We partner with PayPal secure online payments portal, ensuring that your financial details have never been safer.


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2020 Winner

WINNER of Innovation & Excellence Awards 2020

Innovation & Excellence Awards 2020

  • Screen Sharing

    Screen sharing makes collaboration and support as visual and interactive as it would be in person. We can present your project design exactly as it displays on our screen, live.
  • Remote Collaboration

    Remote collaboration has never been easier, we can arrange screen sharing, to engage you fully with your project, live.
  • Conference Call & Screen Sharing

    We have the tools at our fingertips, to interact with you, in all sorts of ways, via your dashboard, conference calls, screen sharing. Whatever suits you best we are here to assist you.

Screen Sharing


Best 2019 Best Architectural Planning Consultancy - UK

Best Architectural Planning Consultancy - UK

  • Access to 1000's of mortgage deals!

    Fast, reliable and transparent service while smoothing out the most complex of deals.
  • Exclusive rates!

    Award-winning Specialist Finance distributor, providing Commercial Finance, Bridging Loans, Second Charge Loans, Development Finance and Specialist Residential & Buy to Let Mortgages.
  • The best financial advice!

    Every enquiry is reviewed on its own merits and we work with you to find the very best product available for our clients.

Project Finance

Projects come in all shapes and sizes – from a £5,000 refurbishment of a buy-to-let flat to a multi-million pound construction project. We have specialist lenders that will look at ALL scenarios.

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    99.9% Accurate We Survey in London & the rest of the UK
  • INCLUDES 3D Revit Drawings AS STANDARD!

    Superior 3D Revit Drawings & 3D Modelling
  • Project Dashboard & Screen Sharing

    Lets you keep track of your project progress
  • Spreading The Cost With Our Easy Payment Plans

    0% Finance & Payment Plans On Our Fixed Fee Packages.
  • Project Funding

    Financiers who provide up to 100% funding for your project
  • Connect Plus

    We Put You In touch With Local Approved Builders, Look No Further!
  • In-House Multi Disciplinary Consultancy

    Structures, Build overs, Party Wall, Flood Risk, Biodiversity & More

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